Blueberry Harvest

I’m not the most green-fingered of folk, but inspired by my mum (who is) I’ve attempted to grow a few things in my garden in South London for the past few years, to mixed success.  This year however, for the first time I’ve managed to grow a bumper harvest of blueberries and this weekend we picked, washed and scoffed the lot.  Delicious.  The photos show the results of the haul (after my little boy had eaten a fair few straight off the plant that is…).

This gave me some inspiration for a little sketch.



Soft Cut

So I’ve only very recently rediscovered lino cutting – and I love it.  There is something so very therapeutic about hand carving the design and textures.  I’ve been using a couple of different types of soft cut – which I find much easier to handle than the hard grey hessian backed lino that we used back in school.  I suspect that you get  a better, more consistent result from the hard grey stuff – but as I’m just re-learning how to work with this material the softer squidgier stuff feels easier to carve into (and I definitely seem to have less cuts and finger scrapes this time around).  Here is a sneak look at the blocks that I’ve cut to create the below prints.

I have  final little confession.  I’ve been using a wooden handled cutter that I found buried deep in a drawer – and thinking back, I suspect I might have filched it from my secondary school back in the 80’s.  Oops.  Think I might owe them an apology…